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GBX Bridge


GBX’s development team has been together since the 1980s. We’ve lasted longer than all of Madonna’s marriages, platform shoes, leisure suits, and that crash diet you keep putting off.

A few of us were even born before Nixon took the U.S. off the gold standard. We’re old enough to remember when foreign exchange was simply called “FX,” but young enough to have adapted to “forex.” We remember squawk boxes; passing the book to a colleague on another continent; watching overnights; and recall that “Mark Paris” was more than an oddly-named Frenchman. Please don’t be cross with us.

We’re older than the European Central Bank itself. We were in the market when one euro was worth less than 83 U.S. cents.

Our Collective Expirence run the gamut from Mayor Financial Institutions development to first generation gaming systems to sophisticated banking software, and much more. We’ve manufactured extremely advanced hardware systems across a spectrum of industries for more than two decades, and we’ve brought this experience and expertise to fulfill our objectives at GBX.

We understand development. We understand coding. We understand technology. We understand systems. We understand connectivity. We understand hardware. We understand data management. We understand algorithms. We understand banking. We understand informational processing. We understand security. We understand your needs.

We began our first GBX bank integration in 2006 for our own buy-side trading activities and haven’t looked back.

Underwhelmed by the other Bridge offerings that were commercially available in the market, we set out to fully develop and construct a new Bridge for our own internal purposes that didn’t fall short like those offered by our competitors. Please don’t get us wrong: someone had to start this industry long ago and some fine development work has resulted over the years. We salute and thank those pioneers in this space.

We’ve improved upon our predecessors’ trailblazing work, however, and have built a better mousetrap than our peers and contemporaries.

We’re mightily proud of what we have achieved, and rather than keep it bottled up for our own nefarious buy-side purposes, we’ve opted to share this technology with the sell-side of the industry.

A bit arrogant or conceited, you say? Nah. We’re merely confident that we have designed and developed the most dominant Bridge and comprehensive prime brokerage solution to date…and if someone comes along tomorrow and ups us one, “the game is on."

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