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Soft FX


If you have ever watched the process of creating a true masterpiece of mosaic art, you will easily imagine the way our team has been built. An artist explores and sorts out loads of material to embody his conception. His vivid imagination finds a way for each fragment to shine in its unique manner, separately or in a group, under different lightening, but altogether breathing harmony into the whole exposition.

A true Creator is manifested in his intention to preserve the virgin shape of the stones meant for his art work.
He is patiently looking for a perfect fit to bring his design to life not intruding into the natural beauty of the material. Similarly, it has taken our Leaders enormous patience and delicacy to build up our team. They realized that any careless movement and undue pressure may cause deformation or even ruining of a unique phenomenon without which the whole piece of art is doomed to fading. Such delicacy is essential when building up a team of associates, as each fragment represents a personality, someone’s life and fate, something that should remain untouched and sacred.

Since life philosophy of our leadership is primarily based on respect for human values but not on worshipping the golden calf! Particular attention was given to the fact that we should not concentrate our efforts on some narrow application area of our products. We were aimed at providing our partners with a widest range of instruments to choose the most suitable ones for operating the complicated business of delivering services in the OTC segment of the foreign exchange transactions. Every product is sure to meet the highest quality standards and fully comply with up-to-date requirements, dictated by the market and severe competitive environment. Therefore only highly qualified professionals have the right to be part of our team and the honor to develop software for you. Our team is represented by experienced programmers, business analysts, system administrators, lawyers, financial economists and, certainly, support service specialists. Our Leaders do their utmost to ingrain a sense of belonging to the activity of the whole company into each staff member. They are deeply convinced that every user of our products is not just a mere episode of sales success, but a partner, having trust and confidence in us. So, our task is not to disappoint or let him down but to grow and evolve together.

Constantly expanding partnership would testify that we have chosen the right vector of strategic development. Best wishes to you and your co-workers and may peace be upon you!

Why Soft-FX Service

We integrate our experience in product development with thorough analysis of the market supply and demand to help companies improve their efficiency. Take a look at the list below to see why you should choose our products and services.

Our mission

Our mission is to provide our clients with a wide range of cutting edge and technology-driven FX brokerage solutions helping to minimize risk and maximize efficiency.

From start to key

We offer the complete set of advanced solutions and innovative services vital for efficient and competitive FX brokerage along with comprehensive and highly professional support throughout all the implementation stages.

Market analysis

In-depth study of the market supply and demand contributes to the development of more competitive products and technical solutions in terms of price and quality.

Technical support 24/7

Our qualified and experienced technical specialists being in close contact with our software developers are willing to render assistance and crack problem of any complexity 24 hours a day.

Client focus

We work in close collaboration with our clients to meet and rapidly respond to their specific business needs by implementing tailor-made developments and enhancements on demand.

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Quick Info

Zala street 1, 45B, , LV-1010
(+371) 678-818-77