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Aspen Trading


At Aspen Trading Group there is no madness to our methods. We firmly believe that successful methods can be can be identified and executed with just three key components.

Inter-Market Analysis

Chart patterns alone are not enough to successfully navigate today’s market. One of the more compelling developments in technical analy- sis has been the recent emergence of Inter-Market Analysis.

Prior to the global financial meltdown, technically oriented traders relied almost exclusively on chart patterns alone – this has now changed. With heightened global uncertainties, today’s trader must analyze all asset classes and external factors that will impact the course of your trade. Specifically, Inter-Market Analysis is an iterative process whereby correlations are calculated and reviewed regularly to ensure that we derive a comprehensive picture of what is currently driving the FX markets and related asset classes. Aspen Trading Group is at the forefront of pushing the boundaries of Inter-Market Analysis.

Pattern Recognition

Seeking order amongst the chaos. Disciplined Pattern Recognition is the second component of the IPA process. We firmly believe that objec- tive and repeatable patterns/structures exist within the market.

Using the tenets of the Elliott Wave Principle we identify these patterns allowing us to forecast sharp market reversals that maximize profit with minimal risk. Patterns in isolation however rarely prove consistent – a common error many analysts make. When overlaid with Inter-Market Analysis, traditional pattern recognition becomes far more effective. The patterns take on far more merit – do they confirm the overall dynamics seen in the market or are they at odds? Drawing these conclusions eliminates false signals, reduces the ambiguity, and protects trading capital. Aspen Trading is on the forefront of this analysis.

Account, Risk & Trade Management

Managing capital is more important than forecasting price direction. Often discussed yet seldom used by traders, a proper risk management system will elevate your effectiveness as a trader.

Aspen’s A.R.T. of the Trade cuts far beyond traditional risk-reward analysis. Aspen’s propriety “trade language” will shorten your learning curve, prevent costly mistakes many amateurs make, allowing you to handle capital like a professional. Protecting your trading capital while maximizing your exposure to the market is the cornerstone to longevity as a trader. Thoroughly understanding the risk and rewards before a trade is placed is paramount. Come find out why Aspen’s A.R.T. of the Trade will have a meaningful impact on your trading.

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