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CxInvestor Forex Strategy


CxInvestor is a simple and effective forex strategy for beginners and experienced investors! It provides forex tools, forex trading ideas and suggestions for successful currencyy investing:

  • most recent currency exchange rates / prices
  • forex trends and charts
  • forex trading ideas and suggestions based on our fundamental analysis
  • warnings and potential market activities
  • forex calendar and reminders
  • latest forex news and comments
  • articles to learn more about forex trading
  • forex blog and more

This is an excellent application if you wish to practice investing in currency exchange (forex trading). Check our  public forex trading portfolio or create and share your own virtual portfolio just in one click and watch your profit growing as currency exchange rates change.

What is investing in currency exchange

As with any other investment, you attempt to generate a profit by betting that the value of  one currency compared to another will change in your favour (e.g. the exchange rate will  rise if you buy the currency or will fall if you sell it). For example, if you buy 100  EUR/USD when the exchange rate is 1.37 and sell it when the exchange rate is 1.38, you make  1 USD.

What is the CxInvestor's investment strategy

We believe that central banks and global economic events may trigger long term moves in  currency exchange rates (several weeks to months). Our strategy is to recognize these long  term moves, wait for the currency trends to align and then place trades in the direction of  the trend. At the moment, we only consider the most liquid and commonly traded currency pairs (AUD/USD, EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/JPY, NZD/USD, USD/CAD).

When do I close trades

Usually we close a position if the trend reverses or the global economic sentiment changes, but you should also consider your Risk Management strategy and goals.

Can I make a loss when using the CxInvestor's strategy

Yes, it is possible that, for instance, you may open a position just before an economic event or global market sentiment triggers the trend to change direction and the trade generates a loss. That's why it is very important to follow your Risk Management strategy and exit the trade when the trend reverses or when the exchange rate reaches a predefined level (using a stop loss).

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